Today the GLA Conservative Assembly Members Questioned the Mayor on a range of questions from Suburban Rail to Heathrow Expansion. The Mayor agreed with our Members on a great deal of issues, but also this gave our Members a chance to expand London's and their own knowledge of these topics.

This is a MQT Summary in progress as it takes a couple of days for everything to be compiled so check back often or follow the Assembly_Tories on twitter for the latest updates.

Richard Tracey questions Mayor over Suburban Rail control

Richard Tracey AM, GLA Conservative Transport spokesman, today (13 June) pushed the Mayor to renew his efforts to lobby the Government regarding control of the overland rail network. Asking a question at the Mayor's Question Time, Richard asked Boris Johnson to instruct Transport for London to flesh out what a suburban rail network run by City Hall would look like.

Richard said:

"Many commuters who have no other option than to use the overland train routes face a less than satisfactory service. This was demonstrated over the Jubilee weekend when many train operators failed to put on extra services which caused chaos on the network. I fully support the desire of the Mayor to have a stake in the commuter rail lines, so he can make them work for Londoners. He now needs to ensure that Transport for London put forward a clear vision of what timetables will look like, and what improvements may be implemented if the Mayor had control. This would go some way to building support for a TfL run service"

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Andrew Boff questions the Mayor about over zealous enforcement of Olympic marketing

Andrew Boff AM, Leader of the GLA Conservatives, will today (13 June) question the Mayor regarding the over zealous enforcement of restrictions on Olympic marketing on small businesses. Andrew will pose his question at the June Mayor's Question Time, the last one before the start of the Olympics.

Andrew said:

"The London Games were sold to the public as a chance for businesses large and small to benefit from investment and additional visitors to the capital. However, Olympic authorities are protecting their branding to such a degree, that small businesses such as independent cafes and shops run the risk of being fined if they mention anything to do with the event. It is a ridiculous situation when a pub landlord cannot put up a sign asking punters to come and watch the Games at the venue, or a café cant sell an "Olympic Breakfast". I will be asking the Mayor to use his influence to make LOCOG and those at the top of the Olympic hierarchy to see sense over this matter, otherwise many businesses across London will not be able to capitalise on what will be a fantastic event"

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Roger Evans to question the Mayor of London regarding A12 Junction at Newbury Park safety issues

Roger Evans, London Assembly Member for Havering and Redbridge today (13 June) raised the issue of illegal U-turns at the A12 Junction at Newbury Park Station. Roger has taken up this issue after residents lives where being put at risk due to careless drivers. The A12 junction is known as an accident hotspot. In January 2011 a lollipop man died after his car was involved in a 4-car pile-up. This was as a result of drivers u-turning. More recently a motorcyclist broke both his legs in a collision.

Roger said:

“This issue is of extreme concern, and I will be lobbying the Mayor to ask Transport for London and the Police to take urgent action to try and prevent drivers from making illegal U-Turns at this location. The history of accidents at this spot made me feel that I needed to raise it at the highest levels.”

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Victoria Borwick questions the Mayor on Aviation expansion in the South East

At Mayor's Question Time today (13 June), Victoria Borwick, Deputy Mayor and London wide Assembly Member, questioned the Mayor regarding expansion of runway capacity in the South East. Victoria has contributed to the Government's consultation on aviation policy, and has long been an advocate of securing London's premier position as a major international destination for business.

Victoria said:

"I fully agree with the Mayor that London needs to be connected to the world, and we cannot risk falling behind competitors such as Frankfurt because we refuse to increase the number of runways in the South East. It is vital that we have links to all the major cities in the developing economies such as China and elsewhere. It is also clear that development is moving east, and the Mayor's idea of an Estuary airport sits well with that fact. However, I believe that all options should be on the table, and if the Government decide to look again at Gatwick or Stansted as alternatives to a third runway at Heathrow, the Mayor should keep an open mind to these solutions. We must consider how rail links can be utilised to maximise present capacity too".

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Steve O'Connell questions Mayor on reduction in crime on public transport

Steve O'Connell, GLA Conservative spokesman for Policing and Assembly Member for Croydon and Sutton, today (13 June) questioned the Mayor on the significant reduction in crime on public transport. Crime is down by 20 per cent on the Tube and 30 per cent on the bus network thanks to the Mayor's policy of banning alcohol and introducing 697 more police.
Speaking before the June Mayor's Question Time,
Steve said:

"These massive reductions in crime are a fantastic record for the Mayor. Londoners are much safer when using the transport network across London. That said, I believe we should not relax about crime on the buses, tram or Tube. I will be asking the Mayor how he plans to maintain and if possible improve safety for the travelling public"

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