– Assembly Member Keith Prince wants introduction of ‘binding pendulum arbitration’
– System would mean independent ruling on disputes without costly walkouts
– Report shows tube and Southern strikes would have been avoided

Strike action should be banned and judges should be given powers to rule on industrial disputes to keep Londoners out of the firing line, according to a new report.

‘Struck Out 2 – Judgement Day’, by Keith Prince, says recent costly and disruptive walkouts on the tube and Southern network would have been avoided if ‘binding pendulum arbitration’ was already in place.

The report argues that, with the current Mayor on course for a record yearly strikes average, it is more important than ever to stop commuters being used as bargaining chips.

Under binding pendulum arbitration, strike action would be banned and instead both parties would present their arguments to an independent adjudicator.

The policy means disputes only arise over serious issues and, when they do, both parties are incentivised to put their most reasonable offer forward.

The approach would avoid the chaotic scenes during strikes on London’s transport network and save millions of pounds in lost working hours.

London Assembly member Keith Prince said:

“Sadiq Khan is already on track to have the worst strikes average of any London Mayor and, with walkouts planned by Night Tube and maintenance workers, it looks set to get worse.

“It is more important than ever that Londoners are removed from the firing line in petty industrial disputes between unions and the transport operators.

“Workers’ rights will not be discarded, as disputes would be resolved independently, but this approach stops commuters being used as bargaining chips by militant union representatives.

“The current Mayor promised zero strikes on his watch – his approach clearly isn’t working. Strikes ruin home lives, wreck careers and cost millions of pounds to the economy. It is time we looked at a sensible alternative to resolving industrial disputes.”

The report: "Struck Out 2 – Judgement Day" can be accessed at: www.glaconservatives.co.uk/so2/

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