Mayor should seize on huge demand for attractive downsizing options

The Mayor of London should encourage a bungalow building boom to provide better downsizing options and free up family homes across the capital, according to a new report.

‘Smart Move’, by London Assembly member Andrew Boff, found 30 per cent of people consider a bungalow to be their ideal home, yet they make up just two percent of new housing stock and are on average 11 percent more expensive than other similar sized properties.

The report found that a lack of attractive downsizing options, outside of typical retirement flats, means many older people stay put unnecessarily in large homes.

Andrew Boff’s report highlighted a recent study of a typical street in south London, where 70 per cent of homes were under occupied and 14 houses had 20 empty bedrooms.

With significant levels of overcrowding in many areas of London, meeting the demand for bungalows could encourage under occupiers to downsize and free up much-needed family homes across London.

Modern space-saving designs, such as ‘stacked’ bungalows, ensure the space on available plots of land are maximised and provide opportunities for self-builders.

Conservative London Assembly member Andrew Boff said:

“There is a massive demand for attractive downsizing options that is simply not being addressed. The unseen consequence of this is a stagnation of the housing market as elderly people become reluctant to move.

“By building more bungalows, which my report shows are in huge demand, we can halt that stagnation and free up family homes for those who need them.

“There is no single solution to solving London’s housing crisis but this is a practical and sensible idea to get the market moving in the right direction.

“I hope the Mayor will seriously consider my recommendations and encourage the building of bungalows to ensure he has a comprehensive housing policy that caters for all Londoners.”

The report: “Smart Move: Building New Bungalows to Free Up Family Homes” can be accessed at:


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