• No targets for family homes in housing strategy – predecessor’s was 36%
  • Lack of detail and transparency in Mayor’s policy, allows little scope for scrutiny.


Sadiq Khan’s Housing Strategy is failing to address the needs of some of the most vulnerable Londoners.

Tough questioning of the deputy mayor at last week’s Housing Committee meeting, revealed the lack of any targets designed to meet family housing needs, despite the Mayor’s predecessor Boris Johnson publishing a target of 36% in his 2014 strategy.

The GLA has been given £3.15bn from the government to build 90,000 affordable homes by 2021. Targets for family homes are crucial to ensure that this money is not spent solely on smaller and high rise flats, which do not meet the needs of families and increase the risk of overcrowding.

Another example of how vague the Mayor’s policy detail is, he has so far refused to publish the evidence that supports his Housing Strategy, despite referring to it in his own press releases.


Assembly Member Andrew Boff said:

“The Mayor’s Housing Strategy has a worrying lack of detail about how he is going to meet the housing needs of Londoners.

“Chief among these is the failure to set any target for family homes, unlike previous housing strategies. Without this important target we are unlikely to see sufficient numbers of family homes, compared to smaller units which are easier to build. This will condemn more families to live in overcrowded conditions which is a big concern.

“It is also concerning that the Mayor has failed to publish any background papers relating his housing strategy, despite quoting from them in a press release.

“The Mayor needs to urgently address these and other issues in his Strategy, and subject his policies to proper scrutiny and consultation”



The Mayor has so far refused to publish the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) and the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA), which provide the evidence base for the draft London Housing Strategy. This is despite the Mayor quoting from the SHMA in a press release on 27th October 2017.