• HM Inspectorate report today: Metropolitan police service ‘requires improvement’
  • Previously ‘good’ Met (Britain’s best funded service) now in bottom third nationally
  • Concern over Mayor’s calls for increased funding in wake of efficiency failings


Despite a previously good rating, the Met now finds itself in the bottom third nationally for efficiency.

A recent report from HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Service (HMICFRS), identified the Metropolitan police as requiring improvement in two of three key areas.

The Met is considered to be failing on how well it understands demand and perhaps most importantly how well it uses its resources.

In terms of understanding demand, criticisms included understaffing, high levels of sickness absence, staff turnover, and difficulties in recruiting. Of particular concern was that 29% of 101 calls were abandoned. This comes in the wake of the Mayor’s decision to cut  £38m from the 2017-18 Police staffing budget.

In terms of best use of resources, criticisms include lack of a meaningful skills and capabilities audit leading to a skills gap that the Met is not addressing.

Assembly Member Gareth Bacon in response to the report, said:

“We have been pointing out the failings of Sadiq Khan’s policing policy since he came into office, and this new report backs that up.

“Sadiq Khan has made rash decisions and diminished the effectiveness of this vital service, despite manifesto commitments to the contrary on issues such as maintaining police numbers at 32,000.

“Cutting £38million from the staffing budget, and decisions on frontline policing have directly lead to the damning failures outlined. This report undermines the Mayor’s calls for increased funding – why should the Government increase his budget while the Met is so inefficient?

“He can’t blame these failures on the government and keep going cap in hand without getting his own house in order.