– New report assesses the cost of road pricing to Londoners
– Scheme was proposed by Mayor and backed by majority of London Assembly
– Residents could have to pay average of £519 a year
– 8p per mile charge would cost motorists additional £1.2billion per annum

Motorists could face a 90 per cent increase in the cost of driving on London’s roads under controversial plans put forward by the Mayor of London[1], a new report shows.

“The Road Ahead:Cutting London’s Congestion without penalising drivers”, by Tony Devenish AM, assesses the potential cost of controversial road pricing proposals in Sadiq Khan’s Transport Strategy.

It showed a London resident paying annual Congestion Charge fees of £273 could see the cost of driving increase to £519 a year[2].

The overall increase from the Congestion Charge to motorists in London totals £1.2billion.

The report suggests better ways to reduce congestion on London’s roads, including a review of traffic lights, encouraging home working and a focus on road works reduction.

London Assembly member Tony Devenish said:

“The Mayor appears intent on making it financially impossible to drive in London.

“Road pricing would have a hugely detrimental impact on small businesses and motorists who rely on their vehicles to get around our city.

“Clearly congestion and air quality needs to improve. But using penalty charges to drive cars off the road throws the baby out with the bathwater.

“The Mayor should be looking at more sensible ways of improving traffic flow in our city, such as those proposed in my report.”

The report: "The Road Ahead:Cutting London’s Congestion without penalising drivers" can be accessed at: www.glaconservatives.co.uk/ra/

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