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London’s emergency services struggling to comply with Mayor’s earlier ULEZ deadline

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– Fire, ambulance and police services all say they will be affected by 2019 implementation
– Met needs to replace 82 per cent of its fleet – all of its diesel vehicles
– Fire brigade faced with paying daily charge on 52 non-compliant vehicles if deadline is brought forward
– Ambulance service says it will have to bring forward vehicle replacement timeline

London’s emergency services are struggling to meet the proposed earlier deadline for complying with London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), an FOI has revealed.

Information obtained by London Assembly member Shaun Bailey shows all three emergency services are concerned about the financial and logistical impact of a 2019 introduction.

The ULEZ will require all vehicles – including those run by the emergency services – travelling inside the zone to meet exhaust emission standards or pay a daily charge of £12.50.

Boris Johnson proposed to introduce the ULEZ in 2020 but Sadiq Khan has pledged to bring forward the date to 2019 and wants to widen the zone to the North and South Circular.

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Risky Business

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66k frontline workers punched, kicked, spat on, and even murdered

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  • Over 400 attacks every week on doctors, nurses, cabbies and receptionists
  • Wearable GPS ‘panic button’ technology would protect essential workers and slash the multi-million pound workplace violence bill

65,970 workers in the UK have been attacked whilst on duty in the last three years, working out at over 400 incidents every week.1

A new report “Risky Business: Protecting frontline workers from attack whilst on duty” has collected FOI data from hospital trusts, emergency services, the transport sector and Government departments.
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Drunk fines fall by a third despite hospital admissions rising

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Tony Arbour
“Random police visits to A&Es on trouble nights targeting repeat drunks with fines”

London: The number of fines handed out to London’s drunks are drastically falling, despite hospital admissions rising year on year.

The new figures come as part of the next phase of GLA Conservative Tony Arbour’s campaign* to cut the cost of binge drinking.

New FOI figures for the Capital show:
· Drunk fines dropping by a third between 2005 and 2013 (3,005 penalties handed out in 2005 compared to 2,063 fines in 2013)¹
· Hospital admissions nearly doubling (74,457 in 2004/5² compared to 132,310 in 2012/13³)

Drunk people who repeatedly abuse A&E services are costing £52m every year.4

GLA Conservative Tony Arbour is urging police to visit A&Es randomly on trouble nights and target repeat drunks with fines.

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Ambulance crews under attack daily

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· 4 frontline ambulance workers attacked, threatened, and spat on every day
· Physical assaults on crews up by 23% in the Capital
· Body-worn cameras would help cut thousands of cases of abuse across NHS – London Ambulance should lead trials
· Cameras would protect paramedics and responders – London pilot would cost less than one year’s annual £125k sick bill caused by violence

Four frontline ambulance workers are attacked every day in London, according to a new report Paramedics in Peril. FOI figures, uncovered for the report, reveal a total of 4,017 violent incidents between 2011 and 2013 – common occurrences include assaults, verbal threats and spitting. Three in ten incidents (1,232) are physical attacks, which are on the increase. 2013 alone saw 582 assaults – a 23% rise on the year before.

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