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T-charge launch: Scheme is ‘a £23million attack on London’s small businesses and poorest drivers’

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  • Mayor’s assessments show T-charge will have ‘negligible’ impact on air quality
  • Expected to reduce poisonous gases by just 1-3%
  • Charge will cost London’s poorest drivers £23million a year
  • Small businesses and self-employed could be hammered by fees
  • Mayor accused of ‘blowing smoke’ with T-charge effectiveness claims


The Mayor of London has ‘launched an attack on small businesses and London’s poorest drivers’ by introducing a road tax that ‘won’t make a dent’ in London’s harmful emissions.

Transport for London assessments show the T-charge will have a ‘negligible’ impact on air quality and is predicted to reduce NOx emissions by just 1-3%.

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Mayor has ‘torn up years of work’ with new Gallions Reach proposals

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– Anger over new Mayor’s lack of consultation over DLR extension

The Mayor of London has ‘torn up years of hard work’ by announcing plans to extend the DLR at Gallions Reach, according to Bexley and Bromley’s London Assembly Member.

Conservative Assembly Member Gareth Bacon said TfL had spent years working on proposals for new road bridges in east London, including countless meetings and two public consultations, both of which showed high levels of support for the road bridge proposals.

But all of that work risked being ‘blown out of the water’ when the new Mayor instead announced a DLR extension would be built at Gallions Reach earlier this month, potentially killing any hopes of a road crossing.

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Announcements made on London Assembly committee chairs

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Conservative members have been selected to chair the following London Assembly committees:

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Sound cannon could save lives in emergency situations

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“Sound cannon” or Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs) could be a safer, cheaper and more effective alternative to water cannon, without the mobility issues, according to Conservative London Assembly Member Tony Arbour.

Priced from £18k – 25 times cheaper than the proposed cost of water cannon – the fixed unit looks like a satellite dish, and emits a targeted, high pitched alarm tone in short bursts. It also has a loud-hailer mode which can be used to broadcast verbal instructions and warnings from a long distance.

Sound cannon was deployed in London during the 2012 Olympics, and has recently been available to police during protests in New York City, Chicago and Barcelona.

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Rapists and paedophiles lost in London whilst on supervision

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Tony Arbour

‘With 159 serious sex offenders wanted or missing in London alone¹, how many crooks have been ‘lost’ across the UK?’

63 serious sex offenders have gone completely missing in London, whilst on supervision.

Under “Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements” (MAPPA)², the national probation service, HM prison service and the Met are responsible for managing serious sexual and violent criminals, once they complete their sentence. However, the Met only holds data for sex offenders such as rapists and paedophiles.

A further 96 serious sex criminals are ‘wanted’ by police, mainly for breaching their notification requirements – failing to inform the police of details such as home address and passport details. In an FOI response, police say they ‘believe’ these 96 wanted offenders are living abroad in countries where sex offender legislation is perhaps not as robust.

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"Police and TfL must urgently clamp down on dangerous driving as London’s buses hit 2 people a day"

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Roger Evans

Alarming figures reveal over 15 pedestrians and cyclists are hit by London’s buses every week.* London Assembly Member Roger Evans is urging the Met Police Commissioner to see what can be done to cut down on the number of road accidents.

Roger Evans said:

“These figures are shockingly high. Since 2007, TfL buses have hit just under 2 pedestrians on average every day, and one cyclist every other day. If any other organisation had a similar road safety record I think we would be asking many more tough questions. That’s why I am asking what more the police can do to reduce these accidents. We also need re-assurance on how they can work together with TfL to ensure their drivers are operating safely. No organisation or individual should feel invincible when driving dangerously, and we must allay any concerns Londoners have about the quality of driving on our roads.”

*Collision data provided by TfL shows: since 1 April 2007, there have been over 145,533 collisions involving TfL buses, of which 3591 have involved pedestrians and another 1219 have involved bicycles. That means that, since 1 April 2007, there has been an average of 1.6 bus-pedestrians collisions every day and a bus-cyclist collision every other day, an average of over 15 pedestrians or cyclists per week are involved in collisions with TfL buses.