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Response to the resignation of Sir Bernard Hogan Howe

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At the last Police and Crime Committee, the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime said that she had full confidence in Sir Bernard. What has changed in less than a week?

It has been clear for some time that Sadiq Khan would push out Sir Bernard, not because he has a better option lined up or because Sir Bernard had failed at his job, but because Khan believes that doing so would make him look strong.

This is the latest mistake by a PR-focused administration that will do nothing to improve the safety of Londoners. It is also yet another example of Sadiq Khan interfering in operational policing.

During his short tenure, Sadiq Khan has forced out two Commissioners of key emergency services, putting Londoners at risk.

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Pokémon Go: Met could offer anti-crime tips at ‘Pokestops’

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Force could replicate Leicestershire police and take advantage of gaming craze

Neighbourhood policing teams in London could take advantage of the Pokémon Go craze and hand out anti-crime tips at popular game locations.

Players of the game are drawn to specific places such as parks or buildings where they can catch Pokémon or other items at designated ‘Pokestops’.

Community officers in South Leicester recently attended a Pokestop in a local park to offer free Smart Water phone tagging, which can help recover lost or stolen devices.

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Mayor urged to take a stand against Anti-Semitic and terrorist flags in London

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Flags of Anti-Semitic groups were flown at recent protests despite powers to remove them

The Mayor and Metropolitan police should use their powers to arrest individuals flying terrorist flags at protests, marches, and rallies in London, says London Assembly member Kemi Badenoch.

At the July 3rd annual ‘al-Quds Day’ rally through central London, Hezbollah flags were repeatedly seen. Hezbollah is listed in the UK as an illegal terrorist organisation that promotes Anti-Semitic beliefs.

In 2013, using powers granted by Section 13 of the Terrorism Act 2000, two men were arrested for displaying Hezbollah flags. Kemi Badenoch would like the Metropolitan Police to exercise these arrest powers whenever these flags are seen.

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Gunfire detectors in ‘soft targets’ could slash armed response times and save lives

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National pilot of kit in 50 undisclosed, high-footfall national sites would cost less than 1pc of annual anti-terror budget

‘Soft’ terror targets such as hospitals, museums, train stations and shopping malls should be kitted out with gunfire alarms, according to GLA Conservative Roger Evans.

Currently trialled in the US, the smoke alarm sized detectors use heat and sound to detect gunfire, automatically alert police, and enable armed officers to track and follow gunmen within a building.¹

Estimated to cost between £13k and £65k², depending on building size and layout, the kit could cut response times and save lives in a shooting incident.

Currently, the Met police expects armed officers to respond to incidents in about 12 minutes, whilst armed response took 14 minutes to arrive during the 2013 Woolwich terrorist attack.³

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Hidden Hate

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Survey states: 85% of disabled encounter some form of verbal, physical or financial abuse

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· Over half of survey respondents unsatisfied with way police handled case
· Six in ten don’t even report incidents to police

A new report “Hidden Hate” has uncovered widespread dissatisfaction with how the criminal justice system deals with hate crime against people with disabilities. New specialist research of 131 disabled people in London carried out for the report showed that 85% of respondents encountered abuse, 59% of those failed to report the incident to authorities and over half had been unsatisfied with how the police had handled the case.

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30k criminals let off with cautions including robbers, drug traffickers and arsonists

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· Hundreds of crooks avoid court on multiple occasions
· ‘Written explanation of decisions will answer to victims’

London: 29,560 cautions were handed out to criminals by the Met, the UK’s biggest police force, in 2013/14¹.

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29K criminals escape with a caution including robbers, rapists and drug traffickers- And that’s just in London

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Tony Arbour
28,998 cautions were handed to criminals in private by the Met (the UK’s biggest police force) in 2012/13 – a quarter* of all solved crimes in London. Almost 500 robbers, rapists and drug traffickers escaped justice.

According to Met figures exclusively obtained by London Assembly Member Tony Arbour;
· 5,843 criminals have been let off by the police for violent attacks with injury
· 180 cautioned for GBH/wounding
· 131 robbers have avoided punishment with a caution
· 318 offenders have escaped justice for drug trafficking
· 165 cautions have been handed out for sexual offences
· 5 rapists were handed a caution

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Roger Evans on ANPR Camera's in London

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Roger Evans
Roger Evans: "As I have discussed in the past I think Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology has great promise and yesterdays Metropolitan Police action was more proof of that"

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