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Sir Howard’s fudged answers on night flights give Heathrow scope to ignore bits of the report they don’t like

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Sir Howard Davies' report calls for a third runway at Heathrow to be mitigated by 13 measures such as banning night flights to a noise limit. Today, I asked him whether he'd still back the third runway if these conditions were not met. Unfortunately, he seemed to fudge his answers when it came to night flights, suggesting some measures are absolute requirements and others would be nice. This gives Heathrow ample scope to ignore the bits of the report they don't like. A third runway would be a huge mistake for London. Sir Howard needs to come clean on which parts of his report are absolute requirements. I'd like a point-by-point explanation.

Heathrow is the wrong choice

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Heathrow is the wrong choice and shows the commission was a waste of time and money. It won’t be long before that runway is also at capacity. Soon we’ll have our 4 runways, then 6, but in parts of London that won’t work in sync. The Government now has no choice but to go back to the drawing board. Aviation needs a fresh start in the Capital with a bit of Victorian-style forethought. Instead of a confusing mishmash of runways and half-solutions scattered across the map, let’s get going on a coordinated, common-sense solution fit for the future.

Londoners trialling third Heathrow runway noise a ‘possibility’

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“Hiring and flying empty planes over London will give residents experience of nightmare night flight noise”

Sir Howard Davies, Chairman of the Airports Commission, says it could be possible to trial a third runway at Heathrow – by hiring and flying empty aircraft so residents can experience the noise for themselves.

This was in response to questioning by Conservative London Assembly Member, Kit Malthouse.

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Tony Arbour discusses London's choice with Heathrow Third Runway Referendums

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Tony Arbour AM, the London Assembly Member for South West London, has called on Mayor Boris Johnson to support Heathrow Third Runway Referendums. AM Arbour was given Mayor Boris Johnsons support at the September 19th 2012 Mayors Question Time of referendums in every London borough on whether a 3rd runway should be built at Heathrow.

Richmond Council has already announced their intention to hold a referendum and the Mayor made clear that he supported this approach.

Commenting Tony Arbour said: “It is crucial that the Government understands the strength of opposition to allowing Heathrow Airport to build a 3rd runway. I am delighted that the Mayor backed the approach of London boroughs holding referendums on this subject and I’m sure Londoners will be unsurprised to learn that the Mayor confirmed that he would vote ‘No’.”
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