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Mayor ditches promise to plant two million trees by 2020

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– Sadiq Khan u-turns on major environmental pledge

The Mayor of London has ditched a key election promise to plant two million trees by 2020.

Sadiq Khan’s new Deputy Mayor for Environment, Shirley Rodrigues, dropped the bombshell during her first meeting with the London Assembly’s Environment Committee this morning.

Responding to a question from London Assembly member Tony Arbour, Ms Rodrigues said the two million target would be dropped and there would instead be an attempt to 'increase tree coverage by five per cent by 2025'.

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Mayor risking health of police and public over delay of spit guards

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The Mayor has put the Metropolitan Police use of spit guards under consultation without any adequate alternative or safety precautions, said Tony Arbour at today’s policing and crime committee.

Today the Met Commissioner said the only alternative to protect officers from serious infection involves the use of force against a spitting individual.

The Commission also confirmed that officers have been made seriously ill from spit and that when an officer is spat on they have to receive unpleasant and costly medical attention.

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Announcements made on London Assembly committee chairs

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Conservative members have been selected to chair the following London Assembly committees:

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London Fire Brigade video streaming app could improve response to major incidents

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New technology could better inform and speed up emergency response

London Fire Brigade could improve its response to major incidents with a mobile app that allows eyewitnesses to stream live video footage to the control room, a new report shows.

Streaming technology has already been trialled by West Midlands Fire Service and similar apps are currently used in Sacramento, California, and Victoria, Australia.

A new report by Tony Arbour shows the app could quickly direct the most appropriate response to the exact location of a live incident and may help in the investigative process afterwards.

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Updated Response

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Give PCSOs fire and medical training to combine community safety

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London’s 1,667 PCSOs could provide preventative fire safety and first-response medical care

PCSOs should be given fire safety and first-response medical training to become Tri-Service Safety Officers, suggests a new report by Conservative London Assembly member Tony Arbour.

The report, Tri-Service: Broadening the role of London’s PCSOs, suggests officers could provide initial support before the arrival of paramedics, as well as offering preventative fire safety advice in their communities.

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Phone companies 'should blacklist hoax 999 callers'

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Hoax calls to the Met police tripled last year and cost the fire brigade £1.6million

The Mayor of London should encourage mobile phone operators to consider blacklisting hoax emergency callers that are costing the taxpayer millions of pounds, says Conservative London Assembly member Tony Arbour.

Hoax calls to the Metropolitan Police tripled over the past three years and cost London Fire Brigade £1.6million in 2015, showed figures obtained by Assembly Member Arbour in a recent written question to the Mayor of London.

London Fire Brigade attended more than 1,257 malicious false alarms last year, wasting over 2,387 attendance hours.

The Met meanwhile received 3,671 hoax calls by October 2015, a near 300 per cent rise from the 1,259 it handled in 2012. The statistics also showed 811 hoax calls cost the London Ambulance Service £152,000 in 2014.

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Sound cannon could be the water cannon alternative London needs

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The Home Secretary has made the wrong decision in not allowing the Metropolitan Police the use of water cannon. Not only are water cannon a better alternative to rubber bullets, they act as a powerful visual deterrent to violence.

Another crowd control alternative is now required and I suggest the Met adopt Sound Cannon. They are low cost, safe, extremely mobile, and would be very effective at dispersing a riot or violent demonstrations. Though I hope another riot never happens we must be prepared to protect Londoners against all eventualities.