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Metropolitan Line Extension £50million short of budget

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– Letter confirms project may stall if additional cash is not found
– Mayor’s fares policy could be putting £284million project at risk

Officials at Transport for London have confirmed the Metropolitan Line Extension is £50million short of funding.

The £284million project is set to connect the Metropolitan Line from Croxley to several new stations across Watford. The project received £49million from the previous Mayor of London, but recent cost projections by TfL show that £50million more will be required before it can progress.

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Ban strikes and let independent judges rule on industrial disputes, says new report

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– Assembly Member Keith Prince wants introduction of ‘binding pendulum arbitration’
– System would mean independent ruling on disputes without costly walkouts
– Report shows tube and Southern strikes would have been avoided

Strike action should be banned and judges should be given powers to rule on industrial disputes to keep Londoners out of the firing line, according to a new report.

‘Struck Out 2 – Judgement Day’, by Keith Prince, says recent costly and disruptive walkouts on the tube and Southern network would have been avoided if ‘binding pendulum arbitration’ was already in place.

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Routemaster conductor cuts ‘just the beginning’

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Mayor’s failed £640m fares freeze hits popular service

Conservative London Assembly member Keith Prince has criticised Sadiq Khan’s plans to remove conductors from Routemaster bus services and eliminate the hop-on, hop-off feature of the service.

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Night Tube: Met urged to keep the peace at outer London stations

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The Mayor and Metropolitan Police Commissioner must reassure Londoners that quieter parts of London included in the upcoming Night Tube will not be blighted by increases in anti-social behaviour, says Steve O’Connell

The Night Tube, set to start operation on 19 August, will be transporting thousands of late night revellers to areas of outer London that currently experience low levels of anti-social behaviour.

Even with the announced increased policing presence focused in and around certain Night Tube ‘red stations’, Assembly Member O’Connell believes the Mayor and Met Commissioner should also detail how they intend to keep the peace in quieter areas of outer London.

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Crowdfunding could kick-start stalled TfL projects

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Public contributions could top up transport provider’s budget

Transport for London should consider using crowdfunding to help finance infrastructure projects like new bus or tram routes, says a new report by Keith Prince AM.

Crowdfunding Transport shows projects have stalled because they are at a benefit to cost ratio just short of making them financially feasible.

TfL could replicate the success of online crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter or Gofundme to top up its finances and take these projects over the line, says Assembly Member Prince.

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Green Light

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£40m cash back for drivers by turning off traffic lights in London

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Turning off traffic lights in London at night would slash vehicle emissions, wasted fuel, and journey delays – saving the Capital’s drivers millions of pounds every year.

A new report, “Green Light”, urges transport bosses and local authorities to assess road usage and traffic flow, and, where it is deemed safe, to turn off London’s traffic lights between midnight and 6am.¹

Switching off lights for the six-hour overnight period across 80 per cent of the Capital’s 2,532 relevant junctions would cut delays across the city by 2,251 hours every day – saving motorists £40m by 2020 in saved time and fuel.²

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Flexible ticketing for part-time commuters from January 2015

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Roger Evans

London’s part-time commuters will be able to buy flexible travel tickets from January 2015.

The Mayor will now instruct TfL to work up detailed plans and costings for the proposal. This is directly in response to a recent report published by Conservative London Assembly Member Roger Evans.

Home Works” urges TfL to introduce part-time Travelcards and annual rebates for those who underuse their full-time tickets.

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